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Rodney and Angel John
I'm now using this journal for posting my new stories, but older works may still be hosted on Live Journal. Stories I've published on Wraithbait are here: codemonkey

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The Sheppard family AU series (SGA)

Rodney and Angel John
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This is the series page for my Sheppard Family AU, introducing John's younger cousin Vincent Sheppard. The AU is set sometime during season 5 of SGA, so may contain spoilers for people who haven't watched all the shows. Read more ...Collapse )

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Rodney and Angel John

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This page is really just for me, but I've made it public in case it's useful to anyone else who reads the journal.

This is a list of book marks for fan fiction sites, LJ communities and thematic lists I want to remember.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all sites and communities in the Stargate Atlantis or Hawaii-50 fandoms. The links are likely to be heavily biased in favor of my favorite pairings, which are currently John/Rodney (SGA) and Steve/Danny (H50)

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Diary of a reluctant fangirl

Rodney and Angel John
I'm going to write some actual fan fiction for you soon, but while I was trawling trough my hard drive I remembered this. I don't really talk much about myself online, and I wanted to tell you all a bit about how I became a writer in the first place.

See, I very nearly didn't discover fandom at all. It was all a big accident really.

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Rodney and Angel John
As some of you might remember, I once spent an unreasonably large chunk of my week researching Radek's back story to try and figure out whether he might have had some military service in the past.

Well, one of the highlights for me at the Chevron 8.0 was that I won a place in the Guest Encounter with David Nykl (a guest encounter is a chance for 12 fans to spend an hour with the actor and ask him questions over tea or coffee). Naturally I took the chance to ask David about my theory. He agreed that the Czech republic did have compulsory military service and Radek would have been the right age to have been required to serve. There was a choice of 2 years in the regular army, or a 3 year program in which the soldiers were less likely to end up seeing combat. He also mentioned spending time doing theatre in Prague, at which time most of the stage hands were soldiers.

I also asked if there was anything he would have liked Radek to do in the show, and he told me it would have been nice if his character could have gone off world more.

One of the other guests asked who he thought would have made a good romantic pairing for Radek and he picked Elizabeth. I've read Radek/Elizabeth before as a second pairing in various stories and I've always thought it was a good match, so maybe I'll try and write that into one of my fic?

The other highlights of the Con included, in no particular order:
  • Meeting Suanne Braun again. She's the actress who played Hathor and a favorite con guest for me.
  • Meeting Cliff Simon, who played Ba'al, my favorite TV bad guy.
  • Seeing the "three Doctors" on stage together. The two Davids and Paul are even funnier when they get together.
  • Watching Cliff Simon dealing at the casino night and David Nykl playing
  • My hug with Paul at the photo-ops
  • And last but not least in importance, reconnecting with friends I'd lost touch with and meeting new people.

Some of the old friends I met up with are from a forum I used to post on before I got more involved in writing. A lot of them don't know about my writing. I took the opportunity to test the water and come out as a mcshep writer to the group I spent the most time with. They were pretty understanding, and I managed to make a new LJ friend.

I'm thinking of hooking up my old writing on with my stuff here, although I don't know how many of my mcsheppy friends would actually be that interested in a few old stories I once posted? There is a series I started writing that is friendship/team that some of you might want to read... This entry was originally posted at Please comment there using OpenID.

Chevron and other stuff

Rodney and Angel John
So first of all a big sorry to anyone who's birthday I missed in April and May.

Big hugs to you all.

The latest news is that I bought a ticket for Chevron at the last minute. I'll be taking the phone with me so if I have time I'll check your messages - I don't think I'll be close enough to the stage to get any good pics though.

Also, I'm hoping paleom is going, as she'll get me back on track with the writing. I want to get back on track with Guardians.

April was an exhausting month. It's always my busy time at work, so naturally my boss decided to send me on two courses, one in April and the next in May. I was like a zombie at one point.

I took some time off in May, but it coincided with my parents moving house so I didn't get any writing done, and then there was the second course, and a big shiny web project at work.

Still, things promise to be quieter soon so I hope I get my writing muses back.

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New Shiny

Rodney and Angel John
My new laptop, which is the replacement for my deceased computer, should arrive tomorrow.

I will have to get all my software installed, and figure out how to use windows 8, so don't panic if you don't hear from me for a couple of days.

I'm also going to be transferring media around - stories to Google drive, music from CD to my tablet, maybe investigate photo bucket for pictures.

Also I now have an AO3 account so I'll need to start moving all my stories across.

I'm on a course in work for the next two days, but I'm stopping in on Saturday for the delivery of a new sofa.

If I have any time at all I want to write more Guardians. I have holidays booked at the start of May, so hopefully will get to a point where I can draw a line and say it's finished.

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Happy Birthday Melagan

Rodney orange fleece
Happy birthday to melagan

Hope you enjoy Orange fleece Rodney.

SGA Story: Guardians of Pegasus part 4

Rodney and Angel John
TITLE: Guardians of Pegasus.
FANDOM: Stargate Atlantis
PAIRING: John Shepard/Rodney McKay
WARNINGS: Vampires. Work in progress. Possible spoilers for Rising pt 1.


Our heroes finally step through the gate to Atlantis. John is helpful and Rodney gets a flying lesson.
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More snow

Rodney and Angel John
The snow from Friday just kept on going and in the end we had over 30cm. It's the most snow we've had in our village in the 12 years I've lived here. A neighbour told me that the last time it got this bad was over 35 years ago. I spent Sunday afternoon digging out my car and ended up exhausted and sore.

The road I use to get into work was still closed on Monday, and then it started snowing again this morning, so I've been working from home.

We've had icicles on the roof that would look more at home somewhere in Canada. Unfortunately the snow has been sliding off some off the roofs. I saw one poor man get a great big pile of snow dumped on him while trying to dig out his car. He wasn't hurt fortunately.

I did manage to get some writing done on Saturday. Also I've had Guardians pt 4 back from my beta, so it should be up soon.

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