March 2nd, 2015

Rodney and Angel John

Random thoughts or what happened to my brain anyway?

So I'm looking at that little animation thing on popkin's home page. It looks like a scene from the end of that episode with the superwraith - the moon they are on is all sandy and theres this one little crater with steam coming out. Suddenly I'm reminded of this really old British kids show that I doubt most of you have seen called The Clangers about these cute little piglike aliens who lived on a moon covered in craters. Or in other words my brain is now an even stranger place than it used to be.

Got a shock this morning. When I left home it was sunny, but by the time I got to the hill, it was snowing quite hard and the wind was blowing my car about. So I decided it wasn't worth the risk and turned back home. My current manager is cool about me working from home if it snows.

My son is composing blues songs on his guitar as I'm typing. It sounds really good.

I want to start writing again, now I'm not feeling so sick. I think I might get a couple more weeks where I can work part time and then they'll start increasing my hours. I had a look at my WIP folder but couldn't pick any one story. I think I'll just see if there was anything close to being finished.
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    my son writing a blues song