McKay's Monkey (mckaysmonkey) wrote,
McKay's Monkey

Life, the universe and everything or what I did today

I had a visit today with Fiona, who is my personal contact with the hospital cardio team. No blood tests today, but blood pressure and heart rate are good and Fiona is happy with my progress in general.

Also I think I've finished my second project since my return to work, which will make my boss happy, although I don't think I'll be able to go live now until next week as it will need testing (think beta reading for computer programs).

Actually that reminds me, it's been a while now, but in the unlikely event I actually finish a story this month, who out of my old betas is still available?

I've downloaded a Sarah Madison book - it's the second one in her sixth sense series. I shouldn't really have bought anything else until I read the various free books I've collected from various offers and gifts, but I couldn't resist the new shiny.

I've also started reading the Harry Potter fiction - so feel free to link me to anything you've written for Harry/Draco or really anything in that fandom that isn't too dark. I can't promise to have time to read all of it though.

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