McKay's Monkey (mckaysmonkey) wrote,
McKay's Monkey

September is insane.

This week I joined a gym and decided it's time to buy a new car. Also next week I'm going for a short holiday with my parents.

I think it's safe to say that I'm not far away from a full recovery from my health scare last January.My cardiologist was very surprised that at my last MRI I seemed to have made a full recovery, apart from one small issue that was probably there before I got sick. I do need to build up my strength and stamina, which is where the gym comes in. They have a very nice swimming pool, and also the trainer has convinced me to try out some other equipment.
I've also been seeing someone about a problem with my shoulder.

I'm not finding much time at the moment to write. It may help that I've finally stolen my laptop back from my son. I can't get into the habit of writing on a tablet. Also I keep getting distracted by Minecraft and Harry Potter stories.

Actually the reason I'm struggling to finish my SGA stuff may be that I'm reading in the wrong fandom lol.

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