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Rodney and Angel John

Chevron 8 and an update to my back story for Radek.

As some of you might remember, I once spent an unreasonably large chunk of my week researching Radek's back story to try and figure out whether he might have had some military service in the past.

Well, one of the highlights for me at the Chevron 8.0 was that I won a place in the Guest Encounter with David Nykl (a guest encounter is a chance for 12 fans to spend an hour with the actor and ask him questions over tea or coffee). Naturally I took the chance to ask David about my theory. He agreed that the Czech republic did have compulsory military service and Radek would have been the right age to have been required to serve. There was a choice of 2 years in the regular army, or a 3 year program in which the soldiers were less likely to end up seeing combat. He also mentioned spending time doing theatre in Prague, at which time most of the stage hands were soldiers.

I also asked if there was anything he would have liked Radek to do in the show, and he told me it would have been nice if his character could have gone off world more.

One of the other guests asked who he thought would have made a good romantic pairing for Radek and he picked Elizabeth. I've read Radek/Elizabeth before as a second pairing in various stories and I've always thought it was a good match, so maybe I'll try and write that into one of my fic?

The other highlights of the Con included, in no particular order:
  • Meeting Suanne Braun again. She's the actress who played Hathor and a favorite con guest for me.
  • Meeting Cliff Simon, who played Ba'al, my favorite TV bad guy.
  • Seeing the "three Doctors" on stage together. The two Davids and Paul are even funnier when they get together.
  • Watching Cliff Simon dealing at the casino night and David Nykl playing
  • My hug with Paul at the photo-ops
  • And last but not least in importance, reconnecting with friends I'd lost touch with and meeting new people.

Some of the old friends I met up with are from a forum I used to post on before I got more involved in writing. A lot of them don't know about my writing. I took the opportunity to test the water and come out as a mcshep writer to the group I spent the most time with. They were pretty understanding, and I managed to make a new LJ friend.

I'm thinking of hooking up my old writing on fanfic.net with my stuff here, although I don't know how many of my mcsheppy friends would actually be that interested in a few old stories I once posted? There is a series I started writing that is friendship/team that some of you might want to read... This entry was originally posted at http://mckaysmonkey.dreamwidth.org/5335.html. Please comment there using OpenID.